Launch Point: ( Marina Bay Yacht Harbor/ Boat Launch )
Location: ( Pacific Ocean San Francisco CA)
Fishing Style: ( Crabbing Traps)
Tackle Selection: ( Commercial Style Pots with Chicken Bait)
Tidal Conditions: ( Tide Chart )
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The Weather man said it would be less than 5Mph Winds all day and slow tides, What they didn't tell us is the swells would be gigantic and it would make us sea sick in less than a couple hours even with Dramamine. We were soldiers but we could only survive an hour at best. The Swells proved too much to handle even for a seasoned captain. Other issues surrounding the day included, failed Auxilary Power leaving us with No Sonar, GPS, depth readings and no ability to keep the GoPros charged to Film very much. We managed a single drop of three pots and that was a wrap. We decided to salvage the video somehow and incorporate a cooking portion just to make something worth a post. I hope you all enjoy what we put together to end the Crabbing Season and we will wait it out until Spring before we go full swing inside the Bay again. Full Recipe Below: Salt to Taste (1 Tablespoon or less of Kosher) 4 Crabs cut up in pieces 2 Table Spoons of Chicken Powder 1 Teaspoon of white sugar 3 Sticks of Unsalted Butter 1 Table Spoon of Whole Black Peppercorns for the Crab Mustard 2 Table Spoons of Coarse Black Pepper for the Crabs Follow the video -cook crabs 10-15 mins or until halfway cooked Move the crabs into the Baking Tray -cook in 400 Degree Oven for 40-45 minutes, flip pieces at the 20minute mark for a total cooking time of 45mins Crab Mustard/Butter Dipping Sauce -Scrape out all the head fat and crab mustard into a bowl -add 1 stick of butter with 1 Tablespoon of Peppercorns and brown the Peppercorns -add the headbutter/crab mustard directly into the butter stir to break up the pieces -add 1 Tablespoon of chicken powder -pinch of kosher salt to tasteUpdateBottom